Delivering Value through problem solving

Assessing the entire range of biocompatible materials available for use in our medical device manufacturing – function, purpose, cost, and availability. Now, consider what happens when the complex array of several of these variables and the choice on the drawing board doesn’t happen to readily exist? This is where the Medevice comes to your rescue with our innovative medical textile products.

Turning Ideas into Life Saving Solutions

We develop and manufacture medical textile that change the way healthcare solutions are delivered. Our decades of experience in medical textiles and unique production capabilities allow us to produce innovative products, strictly adhering to quality benchmarks and design requirements, as no other company can.

We are passionate about quality

Our scientists and engineers, with the help of our state-of-the-art facility, develop a wide variety of medical textiles for healthcare solutions. We focus on balancing function and production through a proven process. Our innovative development team doesn’t just focus on functional requirements. We consider long-term manufacturability and delivery needs from the start.

Translating product requirements into product performance.

We know the requirements for medical textiles and developed a range of products that make them better. Our durable finishes provide medical textiles with long lasting product cycles and user-friendly features. Our strength lies in the ability to produce our own medical textiles with long-term solutions for designing, engineering and manufacturing the high quality medical devices.